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CBR is devoted to the success of both our customers and employees.

Our aim is to 客户端 objective, accurate, and in-depth consumer information to help our client's make better decisions. Based on our insightful and up-to-date understanding of the Chinese market, we are able to support your business strategies and implementation.We view our client's success as our own success. Based on this motto, we employ our best resources and 客户端 superior services to help our client's achieve success.CBR wants to share our success with our clients.

CBR was founded in 1998. We have now become one of the most experienced companies specializing in the Chinese domestic market.

CBR's senior researchers have over 10 years of market research experience. Many of our managers are market research pioneers in China. Our moderators have chaired over 1,000 qualitative focus group discussions.

Specialize in the automotive & electronics industries.

CBR employs a number of auto industry experts who have over 8 years of experience. We have served more than 20 clients, all of whom are Top 10 industry leaders. Their total market share accounts for over 70% of the auto industry. As for the electronics industry, we also serve most of the industry leaders. In a rapidly developing time, we have a firm grasp of the market dynamics and continually keep updated on the latest technological developments.

By helping our employees succeed, the company will be able to continue to develop.

CBR helps its staff set individual development goals. We 客户端 comprehensive training to help educate and develop our employees. CBR bases its development on the success of our staff. In addition to our existing experienced staff, we annually recruit talented university graduates. By continually keeping our staff competitive, we are then better equipped with tools to help our clients succeed.