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    Relocation of the press line
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           The overall relocationof The FAW Tooling Die Manufacturing Co., LTD.., including a3 phases project which are the first phase relocation of Jier double acting 1300 tons (1) + double 400 tons (3); second ohase relocationof  Jier 800 tons of 1.24; the third phase  relocation  forging Double Action Hydraulic Press 2000 tons (1) + 1000 tons (3),concerned about  all the electronic control, working table, lubrication, gas path modification, main drive overhaul of the mechanical press.

          The  press whole line relocation of The FAW Tooling Die Manufacturing Co., LTD is about  the necessary inspection and maintenance and repair of the mechanical parts,  upgraded the electrical parts  and tunilateral T type replaced by double platform both sides transformation, as well as the  replacement of  all power and control cables  , the add-on of  self-propelled clamping device .